Dr. Raouf Farag Has No Need To Become a Traveling Doctor

Dr Raouf Farag traveling doctorsMany of us travel for our jobs, but have you ever heard of a traveling doctor? I don’t mean a paramedic speeding down the highway, I’m talking about a doctor who gets on an aircraft and travels to their patient. It’s unheard of, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many doctors such as Dr. Raouf Farag for example are comfortable staying in one place with their staff, their tools and their office. Since they have everything they need they are firmly planted and settled in that environment.

Doctors may spend some portion of their profession as a traveling specialist, agreeing to being settled in different areas for a short period of time. For doctors in the early phases of their practice, these contracts are known by the Latin expression “locum tenens”. The traveling doctor can give more extensive experience than they would working in a solitary clinical setting as most doctors and specialists do. Of course, traveling involves more risk and more money, so for a doctor who is traveling, some arrangements offer a chance to acquire additional cash.

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