Dymphna Boholt Sheds Light on Technology’s Impact on Travel

Recent technological developments have made it much easier to perform research on an unfamiliar travel destination and to make detailed plans well in advance, which may have a positive effect on the volume of travelers interested in discovering a new place they would not have otherwise visited. The primary technological development is the widespread availability of Wi-Fi and handheld devices — mainly phones — capable of accessing any relevant information via the internet. As an experienced world traveler, Dymphna Boholt says there are positive and negative aspects concerning the use of travel-related technology.

Peace of mind and the ability to conduct advance planning for an upcoming trip to an unfamiliar locale are among the principal aspects often mentioned as among the many benefits associated with advances in technology. Safety, Boholt notes, is a common concern alleviated by the constant availability of a phone capable of immediately accessing the internet or communicating with others through any number of ways. Smartphones also make it quite unlikely that a traveler will become lost and accidentally wander into a dangerous situation without realizing it.

As for the potentially negative aspects of travel-related technological advances, it is somewhat ironic that the reduced likelihood of becoming lost is also one of the drawbacks. After all, one of the more enlightening aspects of travel exists in the opportunity to interact with new people of different cultural backgrounds. Technology makes travelers less dependent on others, which reduces social interactions and limits the possibility of enjoying a truly unique travel experience. Many travelers would agree that their most disastrous travel experience is also their most memorable and enjoyable travel experience.

Travelers should recognize that technology is an entirely useful tool for navigating an unfamiliar location. At the same time, it is a tool that should be used judiciously so that some unpredictability remains a part of the travel experience without simultaneously courting a legitimate existential threat. As is often the case, a balanced approach is most ideal.

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