Entrepreneurs Boost Economy and Take Travel To A New Level

One of the most promising economic trends of the last fiver years is the rise of entrepreneurship. This trend has opened up doors for travel that have long been closed by conventional rules surrounding career, family, and location. Entrepreneurs have blurred the lines between travel for leisure and business, and have made location independence a priority. Let’s look at five ways in which entrepreneurs have changed both the economy and the way that we look at travel.

1. Changing Business Models

Entrepreneurs have shifted business models to include small businesses with wide reaches. Successful entrepreneurs leverage technology in order to have staggering virtual presence while working with only a small team. A person can be “present” all over the world through a video that is played on many different screens. This idea of multiplying yourself used to be non-existent, and is shifting the business playing field in a big way. Small companies can command audiences in ways that only large corporations could do in the past. Economist Andrew Charlton has emphasized the importance of embracing change, and this philosophy holds true when it comes to changing business models.

2. Less Life Segmentation

Entrepreneurs no longer work in a nine to five setting. People who are self employed can blend work, family time, exercise, and entertainment in ways that were never possible before. Forbes recently posted an interesting article which predicted that half of all Americans would be self employed by 2020. That date is fast approaching, and the world economy is already feeling the influence of this massive shift in the collective. As a culture, we are thinking of new ways to live a life that is less built around a work schedule and more built around other needs and desires like community, harmony, and joy. Travel enthusiasts can appreciate the value of re-prioritizing the way that we use our time.

3. Extending Business Trips For Leisure

Entrepreneurs may not have more money at first, but they have more freedom. Entrepreneurs often struggle as their business’ first grows, and this can mean that they barely match the income that they made as an employee, or perhaps they even make less than what they used to earn. However, instead of having a limited two months of vacation per year, entrepreneurs have freedom to choose how much vacation they can afford to take. Young business people, who have been immersed in this new culture around time management for the most part of their careers, are more likely to extend business trips than older business people. Perhaps that is because older business people have spent a great deal of their careers managing their time in a much different way. The old beliefs about how much time a person can afford to take away from a work schedule have changed greatly.

The trend of working for yourself has influenced the economy as well as affected the way our society views travel. Individuals who approach business with an entrepreneurial mindset value freedom, and prioritize travel. Travel enthusiasts can rest assured that the economic trends of the next three to five years will support travel in new and exciting ways!

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