Free Tools SMEs Should Embrace To Spruce Up Marketing

Every entrepreneur understands the benefits of effective marketing and the effort needed to build a business. It is expensive to run a business without embracing smart marketing strategies. With the help of digital marketing tools, however, a business can manage the marketing process more seamlessly. Startups concerned about saving yet pushing for growth should be the first to learn about these digital marketing tools that allow them to simplify the marketing process at little or no cost.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around since 2005 as a web resource. It is the most recognized analytics service with thousands using it to regularly track the activity of their sites. The tool is free and gives you a report of what is working and what isnt so you can take the appropriate action to keep your business running. What makes Google Analytics unique is the presence of powerful tracking codes and the number of metrics you are able to get while marketing your products. It gives you any information needed to adjust your marketing campaign to match with the needs of the market. Marketing experts like Grace Lever advice that this is a vital tool that can speed up the planning process among SMEs.

Keyword planner

Keyword planner is an advanced version that combines Google AdWords Estimator and Keyword Tool. It is a vital research tool that comes in handy while managing your SEO campaigns. There are different metrics about keywords, but most of the focus is given to the traffic volume a keyword gets. While selecting keywords, you are able to pick only the most competitive to integrate into your SEO campaign. This ensures you follow the trends in the market to keep your campaigns relevant.


In content marketing, you must make sure you stand out from the millions who have similar products as you. This is why you need to work with apps like BuzzSumo to access relevant content that shows you what the market needs and what to deprecate in your campaigns. You could be using outdated strategies in content marketing, meaning your effort would bear no results. Having a tool that alerts you about what you should focus on ensures your effort is not wasted on things that dont increase the visibility of your business.


Social media marketing is one of the best forms of marketing you can embrace today. In this case you dont need to stress posting every day. All you need is to use Hootsuite, which is an automation system that allows you to schedule and post to several social media platforms. What you need is one post with the content you want to share with potential customers then choose which social media accounts to use. Hootsuite also offers a perfect SEO analysis tool that observes social media activity, which is a vital resource that SMEs could embrace to boost their marketing effort.


SimilarWeb is a digital marketing intelligence tool that gives in-depth insights about traffic and marketing for any website. With the tool, you can learn what competitors are doing to get better performance and good results. You can also discover your marketing position and the things you need to do to improve performance.

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