John Pryor Ranks Best Travel Destinations for Serious Athletes

John Pryor Travel Athens, GreeceJohn Pryor has been a student of the history of athletics for as long as he has been involved in the world of sport, giving him a unique perspective when it comes to the most ideal travel destinations for serious athletes. Since John Pryor has traveled all over the world as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union, his perspective is based not just on his deep understanding of sports history but also on actual travel experiences to the destinations he believes are easily among the best possible places for any sporting enthusiast to visit.

In preparing his selections, Pryor noted that his choices were based on a variety of factors that include the history of sport in the area as well as the opportunities that still exist for serious athletic training. There are many destinations throughout the globe that possess one or the other, but there are indeed just a handful in which sports history and athletic training are so closely woven into the local environment.

Sydney, Australia

While taking into account his inherent bias, Pryor nonetheless believes Sydney is one of the great capitals of the world when it comes to athletic history and access to exceptional athletic training opportunities. With the bush and the beach in such close proximity to the urban center of Sydney, athletes can quickly and easily vary their training conditions accordingly while also having access to some of the best rugby competition in the world.

Athens, Greece

Clearly the Ancient Greeks have had their influence felt in the present with the Olympics still representing the pinnacle of athletic competition, and the fact that so much of the city’s history has been so well preserved makes Athens a destination sure to offer a great deal of enlightenment to any athlete. Athens, which is surrounded by mountains and features a mild climate throughout the winter, provides access to the kind of rugged terrain on which every athlete loves to train.

Iten, Kenya

Long-distance runners flock to Iten with the knowledge that the area has produced some of the greatest runners in the history of track and field, including world-record holders ranging from the 800 meters all the way up to the marathon. With its nearly 8,000-foot elevation and its status as the home and training base to the world’s best runners, athletes appreciate the remote hills and monastic devotion to training the area seems to demand from its visitors and residents alike.

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