Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker1Those familiar with the sustainable design and clean energy industry are likely aware of just how difficult it would be to find a professional with knowledge and experience comparable to that of Marlon Kobacker, a director with Sustainable Future Group who also occupies critical positions with Clean Energy Corporation of Australia and EarthRights International. Regardless of his role or responsibility, Mr. Kobacker has developed a reputation throughout the sustainable design and clean energy field for his detail-oriented approach and his ability to use apply his creativity in the development of novel and innovative solutions to some of the most complex issues associated with any given project.

Providing advisement on matters of sustainability, clean energy and finance to businesses across all sectors, Mr. Kobacker works with exceptional diligence in order to ensure the achievement of each client’s unique goals relating to sustainability and operational efficiency while simultaneously reducing the existing environmental impact. With extensive previous involvement working on the implementation of a diverse array of international projects with a number of the industry’s most widely respected firms, Mr. Kobacker’s experience with Cundall, AECOM, Arup, Edge Environment and Transurban — as well as many others — continues to play a central role in guiding his professional efforts.

Mr. Kobacker, an accomplished sustainability advisory professional, has adopted an unrelenting focus on continuing to promote innovation within the field of clean energy. In pursuit of this goal, Mr. Kobacker has authored articles and books on a number of subjects relevant to his expansive areas of expertise. In addition to the recent book he published on removing capital cost barriers in sustainable building design, Mr. Kobacker has also written articles for publication in professional journals regarding the efficacy of incentive programs and the seemingly endless benefits associated with green building projects.

Prior to embarking on his exceptional professional career in the field of sustainable design, Mr. Kobacker was not only a part of the world’s first undergraduate degree program on photovoltaic engineering at the University of New South Wales, but he was also the program’s first-ever graduate. Mr. Kobacker subsequently added to his academic credentials by earning his Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Design from UNSW and remaining at the university as an instructor for two years thereafter. In keeping with his reputation as an innovative and truly creative force, Mr. Kobacker created a course to add to the curriculum at the UNSW School of Renewable Energy Engineering, titled, “Solar Architectural Technologies.”

With extensive professional certifications and accreditations — including from the Green Building Council of Australia, the US Green Building Council and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia — Mr. Kobacker is a consummate professional who has long advocated for a continued focus on education and professional development. Through his professional responsibilities with Sustainable Future Group, Clean Energy Corporation of Australia and EarthRights International, Mr. Kobacker has continued to solidify his reputation as one of the most consistently effective and innovative professionals in the field of sustainable design and clean energy.

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