Stuart Lyall: Making Time for Travel Benefits Everyone

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Stuart Lyall travels

There are few who would argue that there is much downside to traveling or taking regular vacations from work, but that is mostly due to the perception that traveling to a new place and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds is good for the individual. That is certainly accurate, but it leaves out the fact that there is a significant societal benefit as well. According to Stuart Lyall, regular travel is just as good for the individual as it is for society as a whole.

Of course, there is the economic benefit associated with supporting the travel industry, as many jobs at home and abroad are in some way associated with travel and tourism. While the travel industry is an obvious beneficiary, the health and wellness of entire populations also depends on regular travel and time off. Countless studies have demonstrated that travel is associated with decreased risks of heart disease and depression, and the societal benefit also extends to strengthened familial bonds.

So the next time someone at the office chides you for taking more time away from work, make sure you cite Stuart Lyall’s assertion that traveling is essentially a civic duty masked as recreation.

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